Conference Presentations/Keynotes

Thursday, 21 February

Welcome to Delegates
Arijit Chatterjee

Introduction of Professor Saskia Sassen
Marie Laure Djelic

Keynote Speech: Can we go beyond a savage sorting of winners and losers?
Saskia Sassen

Few words on ESSEC Asia Pacific
Cedomir Nestorovic

Friday, 22 February

Introduction to the Discussions
Marie Laure Djelic

Reinventing Globalization
Yves Doz

Fashioning Global Markets: Think Tanks as Mediators in Global Governance
Christina Garsten

The Two Geographies of Competition Regulation: The Case of Africa
Marie Laure Djelic

Institutional Change through Transnational Path Generation: The Case of Urban Sustainability
Joel Bothello

Global Challenges, Local Responses: A Process Perspective to Regulating the “Tragedy of the Commons” in the Financial Industry
Matthias Thiemann and Jan Lepoutre

Back to Balancing: A Geopolitical Perspective on Governance in an Age of Globalization
Aharon Klieman

For a Qualitative Geography
Laurent Bibard

The ‘Soft Hydro Power’ of China in its Southern Regions and Borders
Mériade Laurent and Nicolas Mainetti

The Dynamics of Export Market and Export Segment Diversification in a Post-MFA World
Arielle N’Diaye

Consequences of being Public vs. Private on Firms’ Investments and Differences Across Countries
Aude Le Cottier

Dean's word
Pierre Tapie

Introduction of Professor Prasenjit Duara
Arijit Chatterjee

Keynote speech: Globalization and the trans-national region: Histories of Asian region-making
Prasenjit Duara